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Children's Birthday Cakes

We have  a gallery of over 75 Children's Birthday Cakes to browse through, if you can't find the right cake for your party on our website we have many more photos to look at in store or we can custom design. You're welcome to bring in your own picture & ideas.

Our children's cakes are generally chocolate, marble (choc, raspberry & madeira), madeira, lemon, orange or jaffa which are lighter cakes. Other flavours are available at an extra cost (see "
about us" for the full range) if you would like a heavier cake.

We are currently in the process of adding prices to all our cakes, we've been a bit hesitant about doing this in the past as most of the cakes can be done in different sizes & have different options which can effect the costs. If you see a cake that is a little more than you would like to pay we can generally design a simplified or smaller version to suit & if you would like to pay more we're fine with that too :-)

 Please don't hesitate to contact us with your queries!

Click here to view the Children's Birthday Cakes photo gallery.

* Ornaments pictured are subject to availability.


Let Your Kids Eat Cake

A celebration cake is one of the key features of a child's birthday party. Whether you choose a birthday cake or a selection of mini cupcakes – an ideal size for small hands – they will bring a smile to your child and go down well with everyone attending. However, with so much talk about the importance of healthy eating from a young age, some parents and carers may wonder whether they should be serving up cake at all. While it's true that these sweet treats are higher in fat and sugar than some other foods that you allow them to eat, it's important to put things in perspective and take a balanced view.

Everything in moderation

There's no harm in letting kids enjoy cake and other desserts from time to time and in fact doing so is a far healthier approach than severely restricting these foods. Although the nutrition guidelines for children and teens in New Zealand recommend that foods low in fat and sugar should be offered most of the time, a balanced diet can still accommodate other items. The key is keeping treat foods for just that, so that you eat them less often; enjoying birthday cake at their own party and then that of their friends and relatives, it's easy to stick to this guideline. Encouraging a balanced dietary intake for children, where all foods are allowed in moderation, also reduces the risk of eating problems in the future. Evidence shows that where families focus too much on weight and take healthy eating to the extreme, their children are more likely to develop eating disorders.

Jenni Lloyd
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